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“Aami Asomor Janagan” a daily assamese newspaper which is published first issue on 05.02.2014 from Guwahati, Assam is all about speaking your heart. Staffs the publication to put the utmost afford with enthusiastic staffs. To reach out every nook and corner of state apart from disseminating news information and feats. It tries to give a platform to express your thoughts, views, on various issued and current happenings, that you want to share with people through us. Interestingly, we have been publishing segments, special editions and inspirational stories. “Kaifyot” a segment on the famous politicians and reckoned person of the state, have fetched us the based printing media award 2015. Organised by Axom Sahitya Sanmillan in District Library, Guwahati, Assam.

Various page such “Jonaki Jouban” , “Deuboriya Bekhekh”, “Nari”, “ Sanskritic Prithivi”, “Sikhya Onusthanor Bakori”, “ Ramdhenu” , “Janamat” etc. Where we welcome the people of Assam with an open arm to contribute with their write ups. Assam situated from east from the main land has many burning issues and the state is boiling every second. Such issues needs remedies, so we the family of “Aami ASOMOR Jan gan” want the much of this very own land to guide us and give us the privilege to be your voice and make it happen.